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Through my blog, I'll be telling you guys about lessons I've learned through my past mistakes so you can avoid making the same mistakes. If there's a topic you want to see covered, feel free to request it on my CONTACT page.
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Move Squarespace Comments to Disqus

Moving Squarespace Comments to Disqus

If you have a Squarespace blog, you've probably thought about implementing Disqus so that you can have more functionality compared to the built-in Squarespace commenting system. You'll have most likely seen this post but you'll have come across a dilemma, there's no way to keep your previous...

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Squarespace Anchor Link Example

Using Anchor Tags with Squarespace

One-page scrolling websites are slowly becoming more and more common. Squarespace itself has many one-page templates where the menu actually leads to different parts of the same page. Now, there will be times where you want to accomplish this type of scrolling, but don't know how...

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How to Perform SEO on a Squarespace Website

Alright, I know everyone wants to rank first on Google for their keyword as soon as they create a website but here's something you should hear first-hand. It's not possible. Search engine ranking is something that improves over time based on your website visitors, bounce rate...

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Free Stock Image List

Free Stock Photos and Videos (Resource List)

Over the years I've been working on hundreds of websites and I've come to realize that clients don't always have stock images or the funds to purchase stock images right away. I've scoured the internet looking for images that I can use for the client...

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