Free Stock Photos and Videos (Resource List)

Over the years I’ve been working on hundreds of websites and I’ve come to realize that clients don’t always have stock images or the funds to purchase stock images right away. I’ve scoured the internet looking for images that I can use for the client and here are some websites I’ve found that contain some great free images. You’ll find that some websites contain the same images as others, this is because the uploader usually cross posts the images.

Just make sure you read their attribution rules first because some of the following websites require you to credit the owner in some way.

Free Images:

Pexels – Probably the website I use the most frequently. Great selection of images with the option to search by color as well.
Flickr – These are images that uploaders designate as reusable and royalty-free
Pixabay – My second most used website, although the selection isn’t as professional as Pexels, there are some images here that work better for certain websites.
Unsplash – Very nice selection of images.
Gratisography – Great collection of high-resolution images where most of the images have a unique and creative side to them, you’ll have to see them in order to understand what I mean.
Morguefile – Free stock images uploaded by other users.
Public Domain Images – Weekly free images are added so keep an eye out for one that might be great for a current or future project.
Free For Commercial Use – Great photos but the website lacks a search feature so it may take time to find the ideal image.
StockSnap – Great website with a great selection of images. These are royal
Free Images – More basic images that you can use through your website.
Took A Pic – After you do your search, click on LICENCE and select FREE.
Free JPG – Large selection of images to use.
Travelcoffeebook – Lots of images from people that travel, very specific niche though.
Stokpic – Great pictures and you can subscribe to their newsletter for premium images sent out every 2 weeks.

Free Videos:

Coverr – The website I use the most often for stock footage.
Pexels Video – Some great stock footage from a website we all know and love.
Vimeo – A great selection since it’s Vimeo and they all require to attribution! – Lots of videos to choose from. – Great selection and they have 4K videos too!

If you guys have additional resources that you use, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll take a look and add to my list as required. I tried to keep this list as accurate as possible and include only higher quality image websites so if you find a broken link, please report it 🙂



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