If you or your business has an online need, chances are that I can help!
Beautiful and Responsive

Website Design

Are you finding it harder and harder to compete with other businesses? The boost you need may involve having a website, or having your existing website redone. Google’s preferences have changed over the past few years so make sure you aren’t being left behind. My web design services includes the initial design, hosting if needed, responsive designs, search engine optimization (SEO) work, future technical support as needed, and much, much more!


Blog Writing

What’s the difference between a good and a great blog post? Easy, readers! When a blog post is written correctly, it’ll use the correct keywords within the sentences, answer a question that people often search for an answer for, and are short and to the point. Lots of companies write blog posts that advertise their own services, but that’s not necessarily the way to go. People will interact more with a post that offers free help, free resources, or just great tips in general.


SEO, Analytics & Marketing

It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of web design. Search engines give preference to websites that load fast, are accessible, and have relevant content. If you need your website audited, or you need someone to go in and make all the SEO changes you need, look no further! With packages to suit various website types, I’m sure I can help you with your website.


Not Just A Logo

Having someone create a logo isn’t all that’s involved in branding, it’s just the first step. After you have your logo created, you have to decide on colours and fonts that you’ll use in all your online and offline content (business cards, letterheads, graphics, banners, posters, etc.), you have to ensure that your social media platforms match your website, and you have to make sure that what people can find about your company online, is what you want them to find.